Good food is one of the greatest blessings of human life. Good food gives us a feeling of sweet ecstasy. Food, other than being one of the basic necessities of life, is also a huge privilege. Not every man can enjoy the sweet ecstasy of great food. Food is different in different corners of the world. In one place the taste and the method of cooking is in one way, in a different place you can find the same food in a completely different story. Indian food is known for being spicy and delicious, whereas, Italian food is known for the use of its special herbs. From utensils to the cooking process, food varies from place to place.

If you want to hire a catering services that is not only fantastic but will also get you the best cuisines from various parts of the world, the Sparks and Flame catering service is the best choice for you. This is one of the most famous catering companies in Singapore. They can prepare food from various different cuisines that you would really like. They offer the best corporate catering services.


You can hire this company for any event. This company is known to cater for all sorts of events. You can hire this company for informal events like birthdays and weddings but also for formal events like professional parties and business meetings. The company understands the value of good food for any event. It is not possible for any person to enjoy any occasion if he is hungry. This company has catered for several large corporations and has managed great big events. Their experience is one of the biggest pros of this company. You can also hire a personal chef if you want, for any event and the company will provide you that. Here are a few buffet options that are given by this company

  • Deluxe Buffet
  • Elegant Buffet
  • International Exquisite Buffet
  • Supreme Buffet
  • Value Buffet
  • Western Appetizing Buffet
  • Western Exquisite Buffet

Along with great food, there is one more thing that can make your leisure time even more special. A good location is what you need if you want to enjoy a little vacation with someone you love. Good food can come in handy with that. The Sg Biz company is one of the best companies in singapore that offers a range of great places where you can take a vacation at. Other than that, this company also provides you with a number of home decorations services for you to choose from.

AIRCONDITIONING SERVICES: The company provides you services regarding maintaining and repairing your air-conditioners.

THINGS REQUIRED FOR BATHROOM: The company brings you a list of places from where you can get all your bathroom requirements.

CURTAINS AND BLINDS: The company provides you with a list of places from where you can get a number of various curtains and blinds.

CATERERS FOR HIRE: The company also provides a list of places from where you can hire the best caterers for your needs.

The company also provides several other services such as giving you a list of places that offer flooring and plumbing places. They are good at recommending singapore’s best discoveries.

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